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Lack of confidence really holds you back from pursuing your dream or doing something that you wanted to do for so long. But why this happens? Is it possible to change your lack of confidence? Can self-confidence be controlled? How to be more confident? All your questions will be answered here.

What is Self-Confidence?

First, let’s know what is self confidence? It simply means having faith in the things you believe, the actions you take, and decisions that you make. People you see around yourself who are very confident about themselves aren’t like that since their birth, they have gone through a lot of hardships or have worked on themselves consciously or subconsciously to become what they are today.

Why a lack of self-confidence is a problem

When you lack self-confidence you keep on doubting yourself. You might be good at something and would be receiving compliments or appreciation for that but you won’t be able to accept that appreciation wholeheartedly. Let’s Understand it with an easy example, let’s go back to school days when you where in 2nd Grade, If a teacher asks you “what is 3 times 2?” and you answered “6” but your teacher again repeated the same question with a weird face “what is 3 times 2?”, now you will probably doubt yourself due to lack of confidence at that tender age. You will never be able to know your true potential due to a lack of self-confidence but don’t be hopeless, that can also be improved.

How to be More Confident

How to be confident and how to look confident are two separate things. Here we are going to know how to be confident. How we all can be confident about our work, skills, knowledge, and personality. Below I have given some tips that you can implement to become more confident about yourself.

  • Teach or Help someone- This one can do wonders for you. If you know a skill or have knowledge about a certain topic then you must help someone who is in need of that skill or knowledge. If you are not confident enough about your skill then you can also teach that skill to someone else who wants to learn that skill. By doing this you can gain a lot of confidence in the knowledge you possess.
  • Accept Mistakes and learn- Now you might think that accepting mistakes can reduce your confidence but let me inform you that this is not what happens in the long run. When you accept your mistakes warmly and learn from them you actually end up being more confident than before because now you have learned something new and you won’t repeat that mistake again. Learning from mistakes won’t just make you only confident but will also help you achieve some great things in life.
  • Groom yourself and Dress Nicely- Now here I’m not saying to go out and buy some fancy trendy dresses. A morning shower, shave, and dressing nicely are the only things needed. Being nicely dressed up subconsciously increases your self-confidence because when you see yourself in the mirror in the most presentable way you automatically start feeling much better and confident.
  • Kill Negativity- If you are surrounded by negativity then you might never become confident. Negative thoughts will keep on coming in your mind and those thoughts will force you to doubt your actions and future. To increase your self-confidence you need to cut off the supply of negative energy and to do that you have stopped interacting with people who mostly talk about negative things and blame others for their problems. Consuming positive content by reading good books or watching inspiring movies is a great way to avoid negative thoughts.
  • Accept Compliments- Don’t just thank the person who gave you a compliment but also ask for the details or ask what exactly did they like. When you get compliments for your skill or one of your qualities, do perceive it as a sign of improvement or growth, and don’t forget about it after a while.

Levels and signs of Self-confidence can be different for different people but we have to understand the fact that self-confidence comes from the inside and is about how we see our self in society or a particular situation. Self-confidence has less to do with the external environment and is more about what goes inside our minds. If you can control your mind then you can become more confident.

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